Qualcomm has posted an application on the Android market that showcases the OpenGL-ES capabilities of a phone… Screenshots don’t do it justice, but since I like taking screenshots of android stuff, I will post them anyway.

None of the games currently look this good, and I can only imagine that once a game comes out that does use OpenGL ES, it wont be free. This app does provide a good preview of what kind of graphics we can expect on these phones – and they are every bit as impressive as the graphics that I’ve seen on other platforms.

Although I only got 24.5 FPS – one of the engineers inside of Google mentioned that: “this benchmark made us discover an issue with our GL stack… our graphics guy said we could almost double that number with the proper fixes”

So… Bring on the FPS, baby!

2 Comments to ““Neocore” G1 OpenGL showcase posted”

  1. Toki says:

    A YouTube video is up:

    I hadn’t realized the G1 could do anything like this. When are we going to see games that look like this?

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