That’s right. Plural. More than one person thought it was a really great idea to knit a hat that looks like a Christmas tree. While some of these aren’t as tacky as others, the concept still condemns them all to ugliness.

It does make me wonder – when you are wearing a Christmas tree hat, does that mean you think you are a gift to the world?

4 Comments to “UKTOTW – Knitted Christmas Tree Hats”

  1. Wenner says:

    Lose the star off the first one, and it would make a great tea cosy for a forester or silviculturist. This item could be big in Scandanavia. . .

  2. Brenda says:

    How do you get the patterns for the Ugly Christmas Tree Hat. I would like the green one with the yellow star on the top.
    Hope someone can help.

  3. Sue Harris says:

    I would also like the pattern for the Ugly Christmas Tree Hat (the one with just the star on top). I appreciate any help with this.

  4. carol says:

    where are the patterns I love them.

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