Capitol Reef Sunrise – Panorama Point

Panorama Point

Panorama from Panorama Point - Capitol Reef National Park

I couldn’t resist taking a 360×180 Panorama from Panorama Point in Capitol Reef National Park. I took two, one at sunset and another at sunrise. The sunset one I haven’t bothered stitching together because the sky in it is boring (no clouds that night) but this sunrise one I thought came out nice.

The panorama actually looks quite a bit cooler than I remember it being when I was there in person. Perhaps that’s because I spent less than 5 minutes there – and all 5 of those minutes consisted of running from my car up to the spot, setting up the tripod, and shooting 120 different shots (40 different angles, 3 exposures each bracketed 2 stops +/-), then taking down the tripod and running to the car. (We were in a hurry to get to the middle of nowhere to do angel cove canyon)