Moved to new hosting – perhaps I’ll start posting more?

When I started this blog, I was in college. I was posting random blog posts about news or other things I found interesting (this was, afterall, the late 2000’s – that’s what blogs were for then). Times have changed quite a bit since then. I shifted my approach to start to write more about random family updates, and kept doing this until Google+ came out and then I basically switched all of that kind of posting over to posting to circles that just have my family in them.

I had this blog hosted on an old virtual private server that, at the time I set it up, was a really good deal. But… times have changed and it was no longer a good deal. I am still on a VPS (what can I say, I like root access and being in charge of my own updates) – but now I’m with Digital Ocean.

The posts that I have around that still get tons of traffic are related to android. I haven’t had much to post about with android for a while – most of my android posts are from the early days of android before things started to get more organized like they are today. (Shoot, even cyanogen is now corporate)

I have a lot of specific technical information that is of little use to anyone in my family, but may be of interest to the wider tech community that I may share on this blog in the near future. (Stuff like java garbage collection tuning, or some tidbits on software development in general). We’ll see what I end up having time to do ;)