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The name says it all: Cool stuff

How I beat up Jerry

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Free Cone Day, and I love telling people about Free Cone Day… So last night before I went to bed, I posted a link to the press release describing Free Cone Day to – and I posted a link in the comments telling people where to […]

Cadbury Craziness

It’s Easter time, so the Cadbury Bunny is hard at work cranking out her little eggs. Every year, before I chomp down on one of her sugar-filled gametes I wonder, “Why don’t they just sell these things all year?” This question quickly goes away as soon as the viscous yolk molests my tounge. I immediately […]

Israel has developed “Force field” to repell RPGs

Israel has developed what they are calling a “force field” – that will repell rocket-propelled grenades. Well, it’s not really a “force-field” as it is just a system of two RADARs tracking incoming projectiles – and sending out a “countermeasure” to hit the RPG and make it blow up before it hits the vehicle – […]

Cool Stuff: Run Old DOS Games for free with DOSBox

DOSBox is a multi-platform, open-source, completely-free program that lets you run DOS programs on just about any platform. (Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux, OS/2, BeOS… etc the only OS it doesn’t seem to support is DOS itself – for obvious reasons). It has full sound and mouse support (yes, some DOS games used mice) […]

The Cat-5 Action Figures…

Some Russian guy has posted a lot of amazing pictures of what you can do with a little excess Cat-5 cable, and a lot of time. These are some amazing little action figures he has made. Throughout the first series, he kind of shows how you go about making the basic guy (there is one […]